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Potato Salad is usually comprised of chopped cooked potatoes, mayo, and other stuff, but this Potato Salad has different ingredients that create an incredible sound.

The band was formed in early 2001 as an excuse to jam weekly at a local coffee house covering songs from LA bands Karizma and Los Lobotomys, both fronted by famed keyboardist David Garfield. Mr. Garfield was invited to play with the band, and he gracefully accepted and is now producing the bands' first recording project on the "Creatchy" label.

The name? Potato Salad is a product of a baked potato, which is also the name of a world famous club in North Hollywood, CA. The members of Potato Salad have been visiting The Baked Potato for over 20 years listening to great musicians play the music they love. Heavily influenced and inspired by these world class players, Potato Salad was formed and named in homage.

Contact Info: Dave
Phone: (909) 908-9030





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